Resistance Nichrome wire Spiral heating element mat

Resistance Nichrome Spiral heater constantan wire Sandvik Nikrothal 80 Electric Resistance Nichrome PVC coated cable Spiral heater constantan wire heating mat
 golden color wires
Nichrome and FeCrAl wires

Resistance wires

resistance wire

Nichrome and FeCrAl resistance wires

Alloy name: Cr20Ni80; Cr30Ni70; Cr15Ni60; Cr20Ni35; 0Cr25Al5; 0Cr23Al5; 1Cr20Al3; 1Cr13Al4

Specification: Diameter 0.03mm to 4.0mm bright finish and 1.0mm to 40mm acid-pickled finish(golden or blue surface)

constantan wires

Copper based resistance wires

Alloy name: CuNi1,CiNi2,CuNi6,CuNi10,CuNi19,CuNi23,CuNi44; 6J40; 6J11; 6J12; 6J8; 6J13 etc

Specification: Diameter 0.08mm to 9mm bright finish,thick wires in coils

FeCrAl wires

Resistance ribbons

Alloy name: All Nichrome, FeCrAl and CuNi alloys

Specification: Width 0.2-5mm and thickness 0.08-1mm bright finish in spool; Width 8-240mm and thickness 0.05-4mm oxidation finish, acid-pickeled finish or bright finish in coils

resistance wire HangPai(HP) is a trademark registered by Jiangsu Heyi Electric Heating Material Co., Ltd(Danyang Resistance Wire Factory).The company is a professional manufacturer of electric resistance wires and ribbons , heating elements , stranded nichrome wires  etc in China. It has built a complete and mature electric alloy production process: from the smelting, electroslag refining, drawing, heat treatment to finished products. The company treats the products quality as the lifeblood of enterprises. Our products are widely used in electric heater , industrial furnace, home appliance, chemical machinery, medical equipment etc. The company achieved ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate in 2017 again.

Jiangsu Heyi Electric Heating Material Co., Ltd resistance wire

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Electric resistance wire
Electric resistance wire
Nichrome and FeCrAl wires
resistance wire